Vipp Bins

Vipp Bin Animation by Yann Verbeke

I’ve always been a big fan of Vipp furniture and especially their beautiful bins. My memories of this iconic piece go back to childhood in my grandfathers living room. These bins with their minimal and elegant design will forever be modern and trendy. With this personal project I wanted to bring life to these bins in an original way. I decided to use motion design to shape the bin from the ground upwards, in a organic and dynamic way. I also wanted it to be soft and almost poetic.

The Slab House

The Slab House – Exteriror 3D visualisation by Yann Verbeke


3D Animated logo reveal with neon style for Swtich Asbl

Grands Rus

Chemin des Grands Rus (Belgium) | Interior 3D visualisation by Yann Verbeke


“If Italians were from Scandinavia, this is what their kitchens would look like.”