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I was inspired by a visual created many years ago by the 3D artist Zigor. I took the inspiration to learn Cinema4D and decided to take it a step further and animate it into a video. I used the logo of a non-profit organisation I co-founded more than 10 years ago called Switch. The logo fit perfectly with the animation I wanted to make.

Cinema 4D


After Effects

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Making Of

I first imported the logo in Adobe Illustrator format into C4D and use the existing splines to create the outer neon tubes as well as duplicates to create the inner neon lights. I modelled myself the plugs and wires that hold the neons to the wall. I used a studio HDR and three surface lights. Finally I created more than 15 splines for the electric cables and placed them to make it feel realistic.

The next step was to animated the neon lights making them grow along the path of the entire logo from left to right. I then added one camera for each shot and gave some movement to them. 

Playing with the neon lights growing, the scene lights been off at the start and turning on later and only showing the entire picture at the end created this logo reveal effect.

All post-production was made in After Effects.