motion design

Vipp Bins

3D modeling


Motion Design


Sound design

Color Grading


I’ve always been a big fan of Vipp furniture and especially their beautiful bins. My memories of this iconic piece go back to childhood in my grandfathers living room. These bins with their minimal and elegant design will forever be modern and trendy. With this project I wanted to bring life to these bins in an original way. I decided to use motion design to shape the bin from the ground upwards, in a organic and dynamic way. I also wanted it to be soft and poetic. 

Cinema 4D


After Effects


DaVinci Resolve

Making Of

I started this project by modeling the main bin in the first part of the animation. I used the blueprints that you can download from Vipp’s webiste (along with many other of their products). I chose to work in Cinema 4D as I knew I was going to use a lot of animation and mographs. C4D is a great software for motion design. I sketched a few ideas of how I wanted the bins to take shape, starting from nothing on the ground. Some new ideas came while in the process of making. At first I had just one bin but I wanted to showcase more of them as they look so nice next to eachother – like a family portrait. Before wrapping up the animation I chose a music from Artlist that matched the mood I had in mind. I tweacked and adapted the animation to the music. Then I rendered everything out in Redshift. In AfterEffects I edited my different camera angles, and added the music and many sound effects. I finished the processin DaVinci for some color grading.