exterior & interior visualisation




In June 2023 I stumbled on this article on ArchDaily featuring “The Slab House” in Taliparamba, India. It wasn’t as if I had a lot of spare time back then, but the second I saw the pictures of the house I thought it would be a very interesting project to recreate it entirely in 3D. Until then I only had interior scenes on my portfolio so it was about time I tried an exterior. And The Slab House felt like the perfect occasion as it’s not only gorgeous but also very original.
As many personal projects, it not only took me way more time than expected. Of course working on it got constantly delayed due to other projects. And of course towards the end I was never 100% happy with the results – always tweacking some last parameters and making changes.
But here it is, finally. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did making these.




Design + Modeling + Texturing + Visualisation + Rendering + Postproduction




I started by recreating the main building based on the blueprints I found online. With real pictures as reference, I started modelling the interior. There are 4 different light setups which are four different Sun&Sky from Corona. Each of them bringing a different mood. Once the house was designed I started looking for textures that look as close as possible to the reference images. I modeled most of the furniture myself except for the chairs and the two sofas.

The second phase was creating the exterior with grass, leaves, trees and smaller plants. I then created the wall around the house and the road outside.


These renders were made in Autodesk 3dsMax and rendered with Corona Renderer. Textures and materials in the scene are from MaterialsOfTheWorldTextureSupplyPoliigon. The assets are from Quixel, DesignConnected and Poliigon.

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After