Scandinavian Apartment

Interior Architecture Scandinavian Apartment • 001 Design Texturing Lighting 3D modeling Rendering Color Grade Overview This is one of my first interior 3D projects where I wanted to try out and see how close I could get to photorealism. With no initial floor plans of the apartment, every room and camera angle were manually aligned and […]

The Slab House

The Slab House – Exteriror 3D visualisation by Yann Verbeke

Flagey plus verte !

Exterior Architecture Flagey plus verte d’ici 2023 Exterior Architecture Flagey plus verte d’ici 2023 Ixelles prévoit de rendre la place Flagey à Ixelles plus verte d’ici fin 2023. Cette bonne nouvelle m’a inspiré pour imaginer des univers où la nature reprend ses droits dans un décor fort urbain. J’ai donc modélisé notre place bien aimée […]


3D Animated logo reveal with neon style for Swtich Asbl

Grands Rus

Chemin des Grands Rus (Belgium) | Interior 3D visualisation by Yann Verbeke


“If Italians were from Scandinavia, this is what their kitchens would look like.”

Duplex Evere

Interior Architecture Duplex Evere Duplex apartment on the top of building in Evere (Brussels) with a large living room and a kitchen surrounded by a large terrace. On the top floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 3D VisualisationClient Yann Verbeke Arnaud Bastien Before After

Bright Wemmel

Interior Architecture Bright Wemmel Apartments For this project, I was asked to create the interior for three apartments in the same building in Wemmel, Belgium. While preserving a similar look, the idea was to create a unique mood and style for each apartment. 3D VisualisationStudio Yann Verbeke MakeMe Before After Notes Paintings by

Industrial Loft

Interior Architecture Industrial Loft • 001 For this commercial project I was asked to recreate two floors in an industrial building in Brussels. Both floors will become individual lofts. The entire structure of the ceilings and pillars are custom made as well as the kitchen cabinets and some furniture elements. An interior designer provided me […]